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buddhist package

Buddhist Funeral Package

Our duties as a funeral service provider do not stop at serving Christians and Roman Catholics. Our professional team has been trained in delivering proper Buddhist funeral rites and rituals over the years and are fully capable of assisting in fulfilling your funeral needs at a competitive price.


We have tailored our package to fulfil the basic, essential needs and ceremonial items of a Buddhist funeral according to the general requirements requested by most families over the years. This includes Buddhist prayers delivered by monks, food and fruit offerings, transportation, embalming and make-up, etc. to help you create a proper complete Buddhist funeral setup without missing the essentials.


We have a variety of choices to help families create a customised and personalised Buddhist funeral for their loved ones. In addition to that, our 24-hour support will be able to offer assistance and responses to help create a suitable and fitting Buddhist funeral service for departed loved ones.


What is a Buddhist Funeral?

One of the principle belief that Buddhism shares despite their diversity are the general belief in the reincarnation of the departed soul after death. This has great connotation and influence in the Buddhist funeral despite that there is no common ritual that all Buddhists shares.


Buddhist Funeral Traditions

Despite the number of Buddhist denominations that exist today, funeral traditions may greatly differ from another. However, they greatly share the common idea that souls undergo the process of reincarnation after death. That life and death itself is a cycle called ‘samsara’ and the goal is to break away from this endless cycle and achieved an enlightened state called ‘nirvana.’ Most Buddhist funeral often ends with the creation of the deceased’s body that is commonly complemented with a chanting led by monks.


Buddhist Funeral Services

Buddhist funeral services are often quiet and placid because it is a form of paying respect to the deceased. This leads for more time and space to pray and meditate without distractions and sometimes, eulogies and occasional sermons may take part in the Buddhist funeral services as well.


Buddhist Funeral Packages

Most Buddhist funeral packages often include a Buddhist altar, idols and decorations. Apart from that, the package also features the inclusion of food and fruit offering and Buddhist monks who will conduct prayers which tends to take a crucial part in their funeral service.


Package Details


A fully furnished half-glass coffin


Pallbearers and Transport


Embalming and Make-up

  • Washing and dressing of deceased
  • Embalming
  • Make-up and touchup



  • Memorial hall tentage setup with curtains and carpet
  • 6 fans and general lighting
  • 100 chairs, 15 square tables and 10 round tables


Buddhist Prayers by Venerable Monks

  • 1 Monk conducting prayers during:
  • Encoffining
  • Final night of wake
  • Funeral day

Food and Fruits Offerings

  • Vegetarian Offerings for each prayer session
  • Fruit offerings for loved one and Buddha


Buddhist Decorations and Altar

  • Buddhist Backdrop
  • Buddha Idol


Floral Decorations

  • Table Floral Arrangement
  • Floral Photo Wreath


Air Conditioned Bus

  • 40 seat air conditioned bus


Classic Hearse


Ash Collection Service


24 hour support


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