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Roman Catholic Funeral Package

When it comes to Roman Catholic funeral services in Singapore, you can entrust Eternal Garden to provide your loved one with a proper Catholic funeral service for a fitting memorable send-off. Our Roman Catholic funeral package covers the items that are essential for a Catholic/Christian funeral setup ceremony. Our professional team are capable of managing and handling traditional Catholic funeral rites following the departed’s final wishes.


It is our expertise to provide respectful and memorable funeral services for Catholic/Christian families without hidden or additional costs unless there are changes or additional services requested. You can rest assured that your funeral needs for your loved ones shall be taken care professionally with round-the-clock assistance and support from our dedicated personnel.


Roman Catholic Funeral

Roman Catholic is arguably one of the most ceremonious religions when it comes to holding a funeral service. For Roman Catholics, funeral rites are sacred and must be done properly so their deceased loved ones will be able to rest in peace.


Catholic funeral service typically involves masses, vigils, reading psalms, singing hymns, and other ceremonies that should be strictly followed. The funeral service can be held in a chapel, in the church, or in other venues fitting for a funeral. A catholic funeral service usually lasts for few days and even weeks.


A Catholic funeral is also very decorative. The venue is usually ornamented with white flowers and other mourning floras. Religious symbols are also being placed on the altar or around the venue. A casket or an urn can be used to shelter the deceased depending on the family’s choice of burial.


A eulogy may or may not be included in a catholic funeral. Sometimes, a day within the funeral service will be allotted for such an event. Other times, masses will be held to pray over the deceased instead of a eulogy.


Our Roman Catholic Funeral

Since 2000, Eternal Life has been steadily delivering Roman Catholic funeral services for our clients. We are specialized in such funeral service and have a full grasp of the Roman Catholic’s way of holding their funeral rites. Our staff can assist you well with everything that concerns the funeral service within this package.


As one of the most denominated religions in Singapore, the Catholic funeral package is often in demand among our packages. We also offer the best Catholic funeral package for your deceased loved ones. It will include almost everything you will need to make the proper funeral rites possible.


We can further assist you with your choice of venue and the ornaments you wished to decorate the place with. We understand that your parted loved one has his/her final wishes for his/her funeral that you deeply wished to be granted. Eternal life knows how important it is to fulfill such wishes and we are very open to finding ways on how we can help with the task.


Eternal life has built a lot of connections with other companies that will be helpful for delivering the best funeral services. With our partner companies, you will not run out of options for venues, flowers, music, and catering services that are essential to a Catholic funeral.


Since a Catholic funeral can be very eventful, we wished to relieve you of most of the responsibilities by offering our assistance 24/7. With that, you can have more time to spend with your family in this difficult moment.


Below are the additional details and items regarding our Roman Catholic funeral packages:


Roman Catholics follow a strict tradition when it comes to conducting their funeral rites. The goal of the bereaved family is to properly send off their deceased loved one back to God’s place in heaven. To fulfill this task, the bereaved family must follow certain ceremonies.


First, a vigil will be offered for the soul of the deceased. The deceased will then be put in a casket or be cremated depending on his/her wishes or the family’s decision. The casket or urn will be presented to the church to where the priest will give the deceased his final sacrament. Prayers, reading of psalms, and singing hymns will ensue until the day of interment.


Throughout the duration of the funeral rites, flowers will be offered in honor of the deceased. Friends and other relatives will attend few more masses to show their condolences to the bereaved family. The interment is usually held through a procession.


What is a Catholic Funeral?

With the Roman Catholic being the largest Christian denomination in the world, there is no surprise of the growing needs of a family seeking a fitting Catholic funeral service for their deceased loved one.


A Catholic funeral is a religious service with the funeral liturgy/Catholic Mass being held as a central form of ceremony with special prayers, sacred readings and hymns offered for the deceased as well as the bereaved family. Since Catholic/Christian strongly believe in the afterlife, this form of celebration and ceremonial rites help the deceased find forgiveness and appeal before the grace and mercy of God.


Catholic Funeral Traditions

Much of the Catholic funeral traditions are held and led by a Catholic priest by delivering sermons and reading liturgical passages that are focused to commemorate and celebrate the life of the departed during their life on Earth. Much of the Catholic funeral mass comprises rites and practices such as a recital of the Holy Rosary, reading of God’s Word (Bible), procession of the priest, etc.


Catholic Funeral Services

Catholic funeral services are often accompanied by a vigil service and Catholic mass that features the procession of the Holy Communion with a gloomy and yet respectable atmosphere. In this solemn occasion, visitors are expected to dress accordingly and pay respect to the departed as well as comfort the bereaved through prayers or consoling words.


Catholic Funeral Packages

Most of the Catholic funeral packages usually include a casket or coffin, tentage which will be served as the funeral ground for the service, floral decorations, ash collection service (though this may depend if the family opt for cremation instead of burial), embalming and makeup for the deceased, transport and Catholic decoration for the rites.


Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going.

– John 14:1-4 NIV


Package Details


A simple, furnished half-glass coffin (E15)


Pallbearers and Transport


Embalming and Make-up

  • Washing and dressing of deceased
  • Embalming
  • Make-up and touchup



  • 3-sided Memorial Hall setup
  • 6 fans and general lighting
  • 100 chairs, 15 square tables and 10 round tables


Roman Catholic Decorations

  • Roman Catholic Backdrop
  • Crucifix Stand

Floral Decorations

  • Simple Table Floral Arrangement
  • Floral Photo Wreath


Air Conditioned Bus

  • 40-Seat Air Conditioned Bus


Classic Hearse


Ash Collection Service


24 hour support


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Frequently Asked Questions

A typical Catholic funeral service in Singapore starts off with bringing the deceased back to church for a funeral mass, followed by a funeral procession to Mandai Crematorium or Choa Chu Kang burial grounds.

At a point in the funeral mass, attendees will be invited to the front to participate in the Holy Communion. If you are not a Catholic, it is okay to remain seated during this time.

A full funeral mass lasts about 45 minutes. Sometimes it may be shortened depending on circumstances

A Catholic funeral mass is a sermon that is usually conducted by a Catholic priest, usually including snippets of the deceased’s life into the sermon. Families who wish to deliver eulogies may wish to do so during the funeral mass. For Catholics, a funeral mass is typically conducted in the church that they belong to.

Like most funerals in Singapore, it is best to come dressed in plain clothing(without loud patterns or logos) that is not too casual. You may follow along in their prayers and songs if you know them.

Catholic funerals are typically open casket.


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