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Taoist Funeral Package

There are times when cultural influences come into the picture when planning a funeral. Traditions of the past still has a hold on how we see life, death and religion and our believes in the afterlife. Many funeral traditions of the past, such as burning of paper offering, come from Taoist practitioners and have been ingrained in our concept of traditional funerals in Singapore today. We at Eternal Life Bereavement Services are fully capable of carrying out these traditional Taoist Funerals via our parent company, Hock Hin Undertaker. There has been a shift to slowly modernize the rituals carried out by Taoists, but the spiritual essence of these practices still hold true to many. We are fully equipped to handle Taoist funerals of varying extents, from the fully traditional style to the modernised version.

2-3 Days - 7500 NETT
taoist package

Package Details


A fully furnished half-glass coffin


Pallbearers and Transport


Embalming and Make-up

  • Washing and dressing of deceased
  • Embalming
  • Make-up and touchup



  • Memorial hall tentage setup with curtains and carpet
  • 6 fans and general lighting
  • 100 chairs, 15 square tables and 10 round tables


Prayers by Taoist Priests

  • 1 Taoist Priest conducting prayers during:
  • Encoffining
  • Final night of wake
  • Funeral day

Food and Fruits Offerings

  • Vegetarian Offerings for each prayer session
  • Fruit offerings for loved one


Taoist Setup with Altar

  • Lanterns
  • Necessary Paper Offerings
  • Altar for loved one


Floral Decorations

  • Table Floral Arrangement
  • Floral Photo Wreath


Air Conditioned Bus

  • 40 seat air conditioned bus


Classic Hearse


Ash Collection Service


24 hour support

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