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Floral Arrangements


Service Details

  • In-house florist available
  • Various types of floral arrangements available to suit your needs
  • Choose the types of flowers or colours you want


We have an in-house florist specialising in floral arrangements for funeral services and wakes. Our florist has a catalogue of arrangements that can be selected from, or if none are to your liking, you may request a custom order. Our florist will be able to work closely with you and your family to achieve the desired outcome you would want.

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24 hours

24 Hour Assistance

We are always here and ready to serve you for your family’s funeral needs. You can contact and reach us for queries and emergencies for times of immediate need or distress. We can deliver professional service to handle all funeral necessities.

wifi hotspot

WiFi Hotspot

We offer wifi hotspot for the family use during funeral services with unlimited data for entertainment and streaming use. You can freely stream and broadcast songs during the wake without the worry of running out of data.

repatriation service

Repatriation Service

Eternal Life also provides repatriation services for your loved ones who passed away in Singapore and also for those who wish the deceased loved one to be sent back to Singapore. We can expertly handle the procession of documents and paperwork as well.

modern classical live band

Modern/Classical Live Band

Let the local music scene make the funeral services and wakes more memorable with a live performance session. These local talents can provide traditional Chinese or brass bands available for the funeral day depending on family choices.



A wide selection of dishes available to choose from with live cooking stations at flexible pricing. We also provide a vegetarian option. If you are expecting large guests and visits, a catering service will be able to deliver quality meals during the funeral wake.


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If you have any questions about us or our services and pricing, do not hesitate to leave us a message via the form below. If urgency is required, our funeral directors are just a call away and we will respond immediately without fail.

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