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Repatriation Service


Service Details

We offer repatriation services for friends and family of those who have passed away during their stay in Singapore. We have the expertise and necessary knowledge of going through the paperwork and documentation required from the embassy and to safely return your loved ones.


On top of being able to repatriate the deceased to their home overseas, we are also able to receive loved ones who have passed away overseas back into Singapore. We will help determine the condition of the body and do the necessary touch-ups, so that a wake or funeral service can be held with your loved one looking their best.


  • Repatriation Service for foreigners who pass away in Singapore
  • Also for those who are sent back to Singapore
  • Embalming and aftercare for loved one.
  • Your loved one will be sent back home safely
  • Documents and paperwork processed by us


We Can Help

If you have any questions about us or our services and pricing, do not hesitate to leave us a message via the form below. If urgency is required, our funeral directors are just a call away and we will respond immediately without fail.

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