About Us

Established since 2000, Eternal Life Bereavement Services has specialised in carrying out Christian and Roman Catholic funerals for all in Singapore. We have trained and dedicated staff that are able to respond to your funeral needs to ensure not only a proper grieving process, but also a respectable funeral event according to your family’s wishes.


Over the years of experience, clients have enjoyed the experience working with our staff. They have strongly recommended us to not only for Christian and Catholic funerals in Singapore, but also for Buddhist and Taoist. We have adapted to the needs of our clients and can now hold funerals for Buddhists and Taoists too. As our society develops and become less religious, our free thinker packages will suit them for non-religious services.


Social Awareness

Death treats every living thing equally. As funeral directors, we regularly come in touch with people of diverse backgrounds. Likewise, the deaths of their loved ones come in various forms and ways, from a peaceful passing to sudden death. Various social issues are becoming increasingly prevalent in Singapore’s society today, and it can be seen through our interactions with families.


We are not just another funeral specialist. We do not exist only during the duration of the funeral. We also exist to raise awareness and gel together the gap between life and death that many Singaporeans find themselves unprepared for.

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Our Role as Funeral Directors and Undertakers

  1. As a funeral director, we serve our families and clients such that they do not get distracted from their grief in order to get a funeral ready. We understand the importance of the grieving process and will assist in arranging our families’ requests as best as we can.


  1. As a funeral director, whether it be a funeral parlour or a HDB Void Deck, we are able to plan and carry out an affordable funeral service according to the family’s requests and budget.


  1. Guidance will be provided throughout the funeral service, which starts from the moment you call us, till the collection and placement or scattering of ashes.


  1. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The funeral industry never sleeps, just like how families stay awake throughout the night during a wake. Contact us anytime if you have any queries or requests about the funeral service


  1. We practice listening to our clients requests rather than telling them what they should do. We fulfill our client’s and family’s requests to the best of our abilities so that we can lighten their burdens, however small it might be. Let us know your requests, and we will arrange it for you.

Contact Us Anytime

Let our experienced undertaker take care of your funeral needs at an affordable cost. View our list of affordable funeral services today or call us for more info.


We Can Help

If you have any questions about us or our services and pricing, do not hesitate to leave us a message via the form below. If urgency is required, our funeral directors are just a call away and we will respond immediately without fail.

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