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secular free thinker package

Secular/Free Thinker Funeral Package

Our departed loved ones deserve a fitting and honourable final send-off regardless of their religious background or beliefs. Either they belonged to a religious group or not, it is only essential for our loved one to have a heartfelt and dignified funeral.


Eternal Life offers Freethinker funeral packages at a low-cost price for the non-religious community in Singapore. Without extra fees and hidden charges, we only provide quality services at a transparent price to serve each family’s needs when it comes to giving proper funerals for their deceased. The extent of our services is not bound by religious constraints.


Free Thinker Funeral

The growing number of free thinkers brought out the need for free thinker funeral service in Singapore. Despite the common belief that a huge portion of funeral rites revolves around religious traditions, free thinkers deserved proper rites of their own too.


The seclusion of free thinkers from any religious affiliations created a very distinct characteristic towards their funeral practices. Instead of following strict religious beliefs, traditions, and ceremonies, free thinker funeral is more personal and subjective.


The rites for a free thinker funeral are commonly done to abide by the final wishes of the deceased. It includes the venue, setup, attires for the attendees, and other parts of the funeral rites. A eulogy is often conducted to commemorate the memories of the deceased instead of to offer prayer.


We offer a variety of funeral packages with options that vary to help the family create, organised and personalised funeral service based on the last wishes of their departed loved one. Our choices offer flexibility for a meaningful finale and farewell for your passed loved one.


Our Free Thinker Funeral Package

Eternal Life is among the very first funeral parlour in Singapore to offer a free thinker funeral package. As part of our goal to deliver the proper and fitting funeral rites to everyone regardless of religious differences, we answered the call for a free thinker funeral service with urgency.


Our free thinker funeral package is highly-customized to ensure that we will be able to deliver the final wishes of the deceased for his funeral.


What is a Free Thinker Funeral?

Unlike other religious ceremonies and rites for the deceased, a non-religious, secular or free thinker funeral revolves around remembering and honouring the departed without any religious practices or the presence of religious figures such as a priest or monk. The secular funeral is generally performed by close relatives, families and friends of the deceased as their final farewell.


Free Thinker Funeral Traditions

Since there are no exact formats or traditions for secular funeral service, it solely depends on the deceased’s final wishes or the bereaved family’s decision or request to add any traditions or formats.


Free Thinker Funeral Services

Most secular or free thinker funeral services are composed of eulogies and tributes by friends, relatives and family members for the deceased. It is their way of honouring and respecting the departed without any religious ceremonies or practices tied or involved.


Free Thinker Funeral Packages

The free thinker funeral packages are often what most can expect from a usual funeral except the presence of any religious decorations (such as cross, idols and other ceremonial items) and figures (priests for example).

Package Details


A fully furnished half-glass coffin


Pallbearers and Transport


Embalming and Make-up

  • Washing and dressing of deceased
  • Embalming
  • Make-up and touchup



  • Memorial hall tentage setup with curtains and carpet
  • 6 fans and general lighting
  • 100 chairs, 15 square tables and 10 round tables

Secular Setup


Floral Decorations

  • Table Floral Arrangement
  • Floral Photo Wreath


Air Conditioned Bus

  • 40 seat air conditioned bus


Classic Hearse


Ash Collection Service


24 hour support

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no right or wrong amount to give as condolence money for a funeral service. What we usually advise is to judge based on your relationship with the deceased and the family, as well as your personal finances.

There are minimal rites and rituals for a free thinker funeral service. As such the family is free to plan and have the funeral the way they like it to be. Elaborate plans however require advanced notification. Do consider planning ahead with us today!

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Families can opt to intern the ashes in a columbarium of their choice, or scatter the ashes at sea. Our staff can assist you through the entire process.


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