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The passing of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences that a family can undergo. Times like these, the expenses and the arrangement for a funeral can be a stressful task to handle for the grieving family.


Here at Eternal Life Bereavement Services, we believe in keeping our prices reasonable for all our clients while still giving our best in providing proper funeral services in Singapore. We offer a comprehensive funeral package that is tailored to meet the needs of a meaningful funeral for departed loved ones.  We include all funeral essentials in our packages so that families can have the time and space during bereavement.


We have expanded our services to accommodate the funeral needs of families of different religious beliefs. Since then, we are capable of conducting proper funerals for a variety of religions in Singapore. We strive to provide a meaningful and dignified funeral for every family at affordable costs.


There are lots of religious and spiritual beliefs in Singapore. These beliefs hold a strong connection to how we practice our funeral rites. Understanding these differences, Eternal Life seeks to provide the same excellent funeral service across different religions through our distinct funeral packages.


As we often say, whatever our religious preference is, we still share the common desire to send-off a parted loved one with the best funeral rites we could offer. That’s why Eternal Life offers a wide range of funeral packages in Singapore to meet the needs of various clients regardless of their religious preferences. Eternal life offers funeral packages for Roman Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, and Free-thinker funeral services. We are also open to a customized funeral package in case you wouldn’t find your preferred service in our packages.


Eternal life is also known to offer the most affordable funeral packages in Singapore. This way, you will be able to give your loved ones the fitting send-off for them without worrying much about the financial constraints that are usually associated with funeral services.


Why choose our funeral packages?

Eternal Life originally offers Christian/Catholic funeral packages. However, with our expansion and seeing the needs of families with different religions, we have enlarged our packages to serve families with other religious views. Our extensive funeral packages are all at affordable and transparently priced to meet your funeral arrangement needs.

  • funeral package
    Roman Catholic Funeral Package
    Our Catholic Funeral Package has all the essential needs in one affordable package without additional or hidden costs. All items that are needed for a Catholic funeral service are covered and included in this package featuring embalming, make-up and hearse services.
  • christian package
    Christian Funeral Service Package
    Our affordable Christian funeral package covers all the most important needs to give proper and meaningful funeral services for Christian families in Singapore. Our packages include items and services like pallbearers, half-glass casket, floral decorations, tentage and others.
  • secular free thinker package
    Secular/Free Thinker Funeral Package
    We offer funeral packages for non-religious and seculars in Singapore at an economical price. We include necessities for a proper, secular setup funeral service such as transportation, tentage, floral decoration, etc.
  • buddhist package
    Buddhist Funeral Package
    Our experienced team can accommodate to deliver Buddhist funeral rites and rituals in Singapore. Our Buddhist funeral package has everything needed for a complete Buddhist funeral including Buddhist backdrop, venerable monk and idol, floral decorations and others.
  • taoist package
    Taoist Funeral Package
    We are capable of providing affordable Taoist funeral packages for families who seek traditional Taoist funerals for their deceased loved ones. Our experienced team are equipped to handle Taoist funerals from modernised to traditional funeral style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most funeral homes do not have seperate charges for picking up a body. These charges are included in our packages as a whole.

Do check out our funeral packages to have an idea of what is included for the funeral. A package typically includes the necessary items to conduct a wake, followed by a funeral procession for cremation at Mandai Crematorium

For Christians and Catholics, the deceased will go through an embalming process to prevent the decomposition of the body during the funeral wake. The body is essentially put in a state of stasis until cremated.

It takes a good few hours for the cremation to finish. Around 3 hours from the start to the end of the whole cremation process.

Depending on the situation, you may require the assistance of a on-call doctor or the police. Call us immediately for advice and we will help to arrange for a doctor to visit if needed.


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