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Affordable Funeral Services

As part of our initiative to provide only the best and most affordable funeral services in Singapore to our clients, we offer a wide range of funeral services for the family to choose from where they can customise and personalise the funeral for their loved ones.  With several services and options for the family to arrange and meet the necessities for proper funeral rites, we ensure to deliver them at reasonable rates without hidden fees.


Our comprehensive services include popular funeral venue services that feature catering for guests and customisable floral arrangements. Other services include sound systems and WiFi Hotspot so that you may stream their favourite songs. Eternal Life only delivers reliable funeral services in Singapore where families can always lean on. We aim for convenient and affordable funeral solutions to serve you better.


Why choose Eternal Life Bereavement Services?

For over 20 years, Eternal Life Bereavement Services has been delivering the best and hassle-free funeral services in Singapore. We understand how important it is for you to give your parted loved ones the funeral rites they deserved. To help you with that, we tailored our services to fit every funeral service needs.


The way we handle funeral services has seen drastic changes over the years. It is an ever-changing landscape, with every new generation having different expectations for a funeral. We adapt and find the best ways to present the funeral for every family’s loved ones.


As part of this initiative, we build and maintain strong connections with different entities to make us a one-stop funeral service provider in Singapore. This way, you will not have to worry about a lot of arrangements for the funeral service. We will assist you in every way we can and anytime you need so you can spend more time with your family during this difficult time.


One of the best things we can offer in Eternal Life is our affordable funeral services. We offer a wide range of funeral packages to meet the needs and budget of every family. We are also open to a customized funeral plan if you wished for further adjustment.


These efforts are made to ensure that you can have the fitting send-off for your loved ones no matter your financial status and religious preferences. As we understand that despite our differences, we share the same desire to honor our parted loved ones by giving them the proper funeral rites.


Eternal Life is among the most affordable funeral services in Singapore today. We constantly do our best to maintain the affordability of our services to cater to the needs of every client.


What we can offer

Eternal Life Bereavement specializes in Roman Catholic and Christian funeral services in Singapore. However, we also offer Taoist, Buddhist, and Free-Thinker funeral services to meet the demand of every client whatever their religious beliefs are.


We also offer several amenities to go with our funeral service packages.


Why choose our services?

Eternal Life delivers professional funeral services and is capable of handling and expertly managing funerals for every race and religion at a competitive price. Your choices and needs are ours to deal with. Our experience and expert personnel will be able to serve and help you 24 hours throughout the process for a memorable funeral.


Why Eternal Life is diferrent from Other Funeral Company

Eternal Life Bereavement Services wants you to be able to spend your time with your family during a difficult time. We know how heavy it is to grieve for the loss of a loved one. That’s why we opted to give you your time while we handle most of the works for you.


We offer round-the-clock and hands-on assistance to ease your burden while the funeral service is being held. You can always reach our dedicated staff for anything you might need and they will always be ready to serve you.


We have also maintained our affordable funeral services through partnerships that enable us to minimize the costs of supplies and venue rentals. Unlike other funeral services in Singapore, we have connections to good funeral venues, flower suppliers, and music bands which we offer at a relatively lower price as part of our packages.


To accommodate every client regardless of spiritual beliefs and financial capabilities, we also provide a lot of options for funeral packages. This is to ensure that we got everything you will look for in the funeral service in Singapore.




A wide selection of dishes available to choose from with live cooking stations at flexible pricing. We also provide a vegetarian option. If you are expecting large guests and visits, a catering service will be able to deliver quality meals during the funeral wake.


Modern/Classical Live Band

modern classical live band

Let the local music scene make the funeral services and wakes more memorable with a live performance session. These local talents can provide traditional Chinese or brass bands available for the funeral day depending on family choices.


Floral Arrangements

floral arrangements

Our floral arrangement service features an in-house florist to meet and suit your needs for ideal floral arrangements. You can choose types of flowers and colours that you desire for funeral services and wakes.


24 Hour Assistance

24 hours

We are always here and ready to serve you for your family’s funeral needs. You can contact and reach us for queries and emergencies for times of immediate need or distress. We can deliver professional service to handle all funeral necessities.


Repatriation Service

repatriation service

Eternal Life also provides repatriation services for your loved ones who passed away in Singapore and also for those who wish the deceased loved one to be sent back to Singapore. We can expertly handle the procession of documents and paperwork as well.


WiFi Hotspot

wifi hotspot

We offer wifi hotspot for the family use during funeral services with unlimited data for entertainment and streaming use. You can freely stream and broadcast songs during the wake without the worry of running out of data.


Contact Us Anytime

Whatever your funeral needs for your loved one, you can leave it to us. View our available funeral packages for complete essential funeral needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the situation, you may require the assistance of a on-call doctor or the police. Call us immediately for advice and we will help to arrange for a doctor to visit if needed.

It takes a good few hours for the cremation to finish. Around 3 hours from the start to the end of the whole cremation process.

Immediately contact a funeral service provider you know for advice on the next steps to take. If you do not have one yet, feel free to contact us.

At Eternal Life, we understand that a funeral is not a commodity but a necessity. Should you be in financial difficulty, do be transparent and let us know. We can always arrange for a simple funeral service that suits your budget.

Refer to previous answers to the similar question.

A cremation is at Mandai Crematorium is subsidised by NEA and costs $100.


We Can Help

If you have any questions about us or our services and pricing, do not hesitate to leave us a message via the form below. If urgency is required, our funeral directors are just a call away and we will respond immediately without fail.

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